She calls him Guapo and he says… yes, Chula.

Welcome to our lifestyle blog!

Rene (Guapo) and GinaLinn (Chula) met in Kindergarten at “Our Lady of Guadalupe Academy” in Calexico, California. Rene used to sit behind her (Gina Linn) and pull her hair. They reunited on November 15th, 2014 and have been inseparable ever since.

We decided to start this blog to show our 50 and over audience, how to live on purpose. We want to share our travel experiences and life journey; our concerns, our relationship, and so much more. We are both active members in our community; providing leadership and development especially to the Latino population.

We love to travel and will post our insights, reviews, travel tips and photos from each of our perspectives. Guapo will write from his male point of view and Chula will write from her female point of view.  This should be interesting, please follow us along our journey. 

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